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1) The U.N. Occupation of Haiti was and is based on falsehood and has been illegally imposed since 2004 (Haiti is the only instance of “peacekeepers” deployment without a peace treaty – as there was never a war on the island). In fact, since 1995, Haiti disbanded the brutal CIA-backed, coup-making army that terrorized its black majority population for decades. FAdH was the repressive tool of the foreign, multinational and ultra-national sweatshop owning oligarch. The U.N. was deployed to repress the Haitian population into submission, so they accept the post-coup conditions (minimum wage, right wing minority rule, fake elections, multinational mining companies fleecing the vast newly confirmed mineral resources of the island – while the people remain in abject poverty).
2) The illegality and the false premise of the U.N. presence in Haiti which has always been denounced by peace and justice activists is becoming a liability in view of the still uncontained Cholera outbreak which was caused by U.N. soldiers in October 2010. Key South-American participants (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina….) are feeling intense national pressure to get out of this shameful mess – a modern betrayal of Haiti – reminiscent of the inaugural (1825) Meeting of the Americas, where the U.S. bullied the South-Americans into ostracising the “Black Republic”.
3) Over the past decades, the budget hungry, rogue army of neighboring Dominican Republic (which serves the same purpose as the now defunct Haitian army in terms of keeping the masses into submission) has been under intense criticism on the part of progressive Dominicans….  However, the oligarch running that side of the island plantation is also well aware of their reliance on this weapon of mass control for their continued white supremacist, minority-rule. So, they want to find or create occasions to justify its existence…..A Haitian-menace is always a useful ghost to have….
4) Gold, Uranium, Iridium…..Oil….have all been confirmed to exist in huge quantity on the island (both sides!)….Who protects the multinational mining companies “right” to fleece the resources of the Congo, Brazil, Guatemala…..while the native populations rot in poverty and perpetual submission? Isn’t that what armies are for? – well, not officially!
5) Officially, there are threats to be contained on the island of Haiti. On the Haitian side, the U.N. occupiers cynically evoke a so-called “Responsibility to Protect”. It’s your prerogative to imagine who indeed they are deployed there to protect.
But, would it not be convenient for a peace treaty to suddenly become available on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the illegal presence of U.N. troops in Haiti?
A treaty between who?
Perhaps, the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti can have some reason to enter into a conflict. And then, the U.N. can become necessary, 10 year after the fact….just saying… hum!?
Fragile state, civil unrest, calls to uproot increasingly fragile Washington-imposed puppet leaders, anti-Haitianismo, illegal immigration, denatalisation….let’s see what we can cook up with all this…
I know, I know, we must stop this habit of conspiracy theorizing. But, it would be so much easier to refrain from theorizing, if they would also agree to stop conspiring!
Do you feel the earth shaking again?
Jafrikayiti “A man who closes his eyes to pray, while pathological thieves roam around his house, is nothing but a fool!”

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