RESTITUTION! – France Urged to Pay $40 Billion to Haiti

By on November 13, 2012

France Urged to Pay $40 Billion to Haiti in Reparations for “Independence Debt”

by Democracy Now – August 17, 2010

According to the UN-sponsored Haiti Reconstruction Fund, only two countries — Brazil and Estonia — have fully paid the pledged amount. The United States, France, Canada and many others have failed to send their pledged aid. A recent review by CNN found that just two percent of total pledges have been delivered to Haiti. Calls are now growing for another form of payment to Haiti: reparations. This week, a group of prominent academics and activists published an open letter calling on France to repay an “independence debt” it imposed nearly 200 years ago after Haiti successfully won independence from France. Haiti was forced to pay France around 90 million gold francs up until World War II, which after interest and inflation is valued today at up to $40 billion. [includes rush transcript]


Vox Sambou, Montreal-based Haitian hip-hop artist.

Jean Saint-Vil, Ottawa-based Haitian writer and activist. His website is

Haiti France and the $40B Elephant

by France 24 – April 9, 2010

France24 covers French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s historic visit to Haiti on Feb17 2010.

Guests include Olivette Otele and Jafrikayiti (Jean Saint-Vil) discussing the thorny issue of the Charles X Ransom – over 90 million Gold Francs (Est. current value $40 Billion U.S) collected at gunpoint by various French governments from the Haitian state, between 1825 and 1947.

France sought and received the support of other self-described “white nations” of the day; In particular, Thomas Jefferson’s USA. During that period, the Republic of Haiti, which for the longest time remained the lone state in the Americas where kidnapped, enslaved and displaced Africans enjoyed freedom, withstood multiple similar attacks from the USA, Spain and Germany.

Saint-Vil argues that, in 2010, French apology for this particular international crime of extortion would be meaningless and hypocritical unless accompanied by a prompt and unconditional return of the $40B ransom. Haiti, he argues, obviously needs financial resources to build the state and physical infrastructure it has not erected over the past centuries. Otele, disagrees….find out why…..and what is your take on the issue?


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