Mrs. Mildred Aristide is Scary!

By on December 1, 2012
For those who are still confused about the reasons why the Haiti-based ultranational economic mafia, the Tonton Macoutes and their international allies: the white supremacist and imperialist forces standing against Haiti’s struggle for self-determination and true democracy are all uncomfortable with educated, well-centered, nationalist leadership in Haiti, I propose this spontaneous interview by one of Haiti’s most beautiful daughters. This black woman, whose courage and intelligence is so evident, must indeed scare the hell out of all anti-Haitian racists and other types of idiots:

“We’re about to step on ground made hallow by the Haitian revolution and all the progressive movements by the Haitian people,” says former Haitian First Lady Mildred Aristide, minutes from landing in Haiti after seven years in exile in South Africa. In a Democracy Now! exclusive interview, she says, “As a priest, as an educator, when he was president, and now as he will return to education, [Aristide will] continue to be a person that always, always, always withstands.”

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[includes rush transcript]

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