By on October 11, 2015
The U.N. participated actively in the August 9, 2015 sham elections whereby armed mercenaries stuffed ballots in favor of Martelly-aligned candidates and, the latter, instead of being sanctioned for their criminal actions, were rewarded with ill-acquired statuses of “elected senator”, “first runner up” or “qualified to run in 2nd round elections”.
Not surprisingly, Mrs. Honoré did not answer the question about the U.N.’s refusal to pay long overdue reparations to over 1 million Haitians it has contaminated with the cholera bacterium, since October 2010.
Her response on the racist policies of the Dominican Republic give further proof that this Trinidadian sister is a real embarrassment for all of us Afro-Caribbeans. We are indeed light years away from the era of the great Eric Williams. I can hear our beloved David Rudder singing once again “Haiti, I am Sorry!” Shame on you Sandra – Haiti is not Honored by your cowardly and disdainful behaviour. Black Lives Matter & Black Votes Matter – in Haiti, in Trinidad…Watch Sandra Honoré’s shameful performance at the following link: https://youtu.be/O-BuP1MpbUk

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